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Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Fury: Wardaddy's Tiger Killer

The Brad Pitt war epic Fury is an amazing movie blending the stories of amazing people like Audie Murphy and "War Daddy" Pool, as well as the stories of amazing tanks like Bomb a Canadian Sherman that survived from the Normandie invasion to the wars end. It's an excellent war film, and a great look at working tanks. 10 actual Sherman Tanks, and the worlds only running Tiger I were used in the film.

Of course the star of the film for tread heads like me, is Fury herself, an M4A3E8 (Easy 8). She's a beautiful tank and portrayed in the film by an actual Sherman (an M4A4, Firefly), not some plywood replica. The real tank named RON/HARRY (T224875) can be seen at the Bovington Tank Museum in England. (image below) She is one of the worlds last running Shermans, while over 49 thousand were built, only 1000 remain and a far smaller number are in working order.

But to bring Fury to Heroes of Normandie requires some creative license. First of all, the look of the tank in the movie is very unique, with lots of little details like backpacks, helmets, "log armor," ect. Many of these are beyond my ability right now, but I do have a nice Easy 8, and a few add-ons (like guns, and the Nazi helmet on the headlight.)

As for a special ability, the first thing that came to mind was the scene in act two when the Shermans, take on Tiger 131. With Fury being the only survivor of the encounter. In the fight the crew know that the only way to kill a Tiger is to take it from behind. So Fury has the special ability "In the rear" which gives enemy vehicles a penalty when Fury attacks them from the rear. This gives the feeling of the gunner's precise aim hitting the perfect soft spot. (link to the PDF is at the bottom)

I hope folks enjoy this HoN add-on, and have fun replicating the Tiger fight from act two. and if you haven't scene the movie yet, and you're a tank fan, you should make an effort to see it.