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Thursday, May 14, 2015

The Music Maker…

The M4 Sherman tank was the allied armored vehicle of choice, despite its short comings it was produced in massive numbers. Allowing the Allies to simply out number the technically better, but harder to build German tanks. Given the massive number of Sherman hulls available, a variety of variants soon began to appear on the battlefield. From the outlandish Crab to the simple dozer, the Sherman filled every possible role.

One of those roles was light artillery support in the form of the M4 (T34) Calliope, named for it’s resemblance to the musical instrument. The Calliope sported 60 4.5 inch HVAR Rocket tubes in groups of 12. Allowing the Calliope to fire any single group for a small salvo, or all 60 tubes could be fired simultaneously for a massive barrage of rockets.

SHERMAN CALLIOPE 2015 Grey Template

With the rocket system fully mounted to the turret the main gun of the Sherman was not affected and the turret could rotate normally. The rocket tubes elevation was fixed to the main gun’s. And the only real disadvantage to the system, was its high profile, making the Calliope a bit easier to see from a distance, but often German soldiers didn’t know what they were looking at till it was too late.

Now bring the superior firepower the Allies need to HoN with the Calliope Pack, which has two Calliopes the one pictures above and a command version, with “Barrage Order” with two separate recruitment options. Available in PDF format Below.

This version uses the standard Grey artillery template from HoN.

Sherman Calliope Pack PDF