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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Special Panthers

Today’s HoN add-on is a couple of vehicles on which would become a somewhat rare, but frightening addition to the German arsenal, and another that was too little too late.

First today is the massive Jagdpanther G2, sporting a dreaded 8.8 cm PaK 43 L/71, one the German’s most effective antitank guns. The Jagdpanther packed this powerful gun into a low profile, heavy armored, turret-less tank-destroyer.

jagdpanzer v

While production numbers for the Jagdpanther were less than 1000, they developed a deadly reputation on the Eastern Front. However only 12 would be deployed to the Battle of Normandie. it wouldn’t be until the Ardennes offensive that the Americans would encounter significant numbers of these deadly beasts.

Next, we have the Panther Coelian, which the Germans would fail to build. The Coelian is a great concept that early German success and hubris would prevent from even seeing the prototype phase, until it was to late.

During the early was armored anti-aircraft vehicles had been designed and developed by the Germans, but they encountered very little in the was of aerial threats. The Luftwaffe was able to deal handily with any aircraft the Germans encountered.

Panther Coelian 2015

However, as the war progressed and more and more air resources were wasted in the Battle of Brittan, and later as the Americans began to gain air superiority the Germans returned to the idea of an anti-air tank. They rushed the development of the Coelian, and within a matter of months had built a wooden prototype, but it would never see production. Ironically Allied air power, would destroy the production capability for the Coelian preventing it from ever seeing the battlefield.

Now you can bring both of these vehicles to Heroes of Normandie with the PDF below.

Panther Pack PDF

That is all.