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Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Porsche Pack

While researching and compiling the German Prime Movers pack, I couldn’t help but be struck by the sheer number of vehicles and variants designed by Ferdinand Porsche. While today he’s best known for his iconic sports cars with the engines in the back. During the war he designed everything from Hitler’s People’s Car (Volkswagen) to the Panzer VII Maus. Large or small Dr. Porsche seemed innately skilled in vehicle design.

So, today here are five vehicles designed by Porsche, with three of them being never before seen in Heroes of Normandie.

The first two vehicles in the pack are the Kubelwagen and Schimmwagen, because you can never have too many of these.

The first new vehicle is the Type-67 Ambulance, based on the Kubelwagen chassis. It functions in game just like my previously released DWC Ambulance. Allowing units who spend a turn aboard it to “heal a wound.”


Next up is the Lieferwagen, another of the many variants of the Kubelwagen. By simply chopping the hull in half and adding a truck bed, the Germans were able to create an excellent little transporter.


Finally we have the Kommandeurwagen, a variant of the Kubelwagen and the Volkswagen. The KW uses the body of the Beetle on the frame of a 4x4 Kubelwagen. These vehicles were issued to important commanders in the field, as a status symbol.

VW type 87 2015

I hope everyone enjoys these little German cars. You can find all five in the PDF below.

The Porsche Pack PDF

That is all.