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Friday, April 3, 2015

Prime Movers for the Allies

Today I have a set of four great US work horses. While these unarmed hulks may not be the greatest combat vehicles, they were awesome at carrying troops and equipment to and from the battlefields of Europe.

First up in the pack is the Dodge WC-54C Ambulance, an Autonomous vehicle capable of providing treatment to the wounded with its medical transport ability. This ability works differently from Doc’s Medic ability, in that it allows you to remove a wound (return a unit to its front side up)from any unit that spends a turn being transported by the ambulance.

DWC-54 2015

Next is the weird little Ford GPA, an amphibious Jeep clone, that is a little slower then its landlocked cousin, but can cross any body of water. Its small size makes it the perfect transport for a scout unit or brave Hero looking to get into battle fast.


Then we have the US Army’s true work horse, the GMC CCWK 6x6. This 2 1/2 ton truck is affectionately known as the Duce-and-a-half, and its descendants still serve the Army today. Capable of transporting two full squads with relatively high speed, these were invaluable “weapons” in the war against the Germans.

GMC 6X6 2015

Finally we have the biggest beast of burden in the pack, the DUWK amphibious 6x6. This aquatic monster is basically the love child of a CCWK and a boat; slow on the water and not much faster on land these things saw limited service in Europe, but where they were used, they proved to be an effective means of getting troops and supplies across the water.

GMC DUWK 6X6 2015

Remember that even though these vehicles are unarmed, any troops inside them can receive orders, and therefor attack from within while riding around the battlefield.

Expand your HoN motor-pool with the PDF below. Comments welcome.

US Transport Pack 2015 PDF

This new PDF features my latest template, which has a “bleed” around the tokens. This will make it easier to prevent white edges on your print-and-play versions.

That is all.