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Friday, April 17, 2015

Dodge WC Pack

Today’s little Heroes expansion set is centered on the not so glamorous Dodge WC. While the DWC would see a lot of service in the form of the venerable DWC-54 Ambulance, in both WWII and Korea, the other Dodges were considered far less successful.

First up is the DWC-51, this early version of the WC would see service mostly in non-combat roles far from the actual fighting. While it was good at what it did, it was larger and less maneuverable then the Jeep and this made it a second choice for most soldiers. It was often used as a convoy command vehicle, which could find themselves under enemy fire from time to time.

DODGE WC-51 2015

Next up we have two version of the improved WC-56. Although the 56 was better then the 51 in every way, it was still almost a meter longer then the Jeep, and it’s unique silhouette made it difficult to camouflage. The 56’s were disliked for this reason, as the were felt to be easy targets. Despite this, a large number would see service throughout Europe, though most soldiers would prefer a Jeep.


DODGE WC-56 2015


DODGE WC-56 50 CAL 2015

This pack also includes an additional DWC-54 Ambulance, previously seen in my US Prime Movers Pack.

Find this all in print-and-play format in the PDF below.

Dodge WC Pack PDF

That is all.