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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

An English Bulldog

Today’s custom release for HoN is the British A39 Tortoise; a massive fixed casemate gun built to takedown Tigers.

A39 2015

Of all the war’s super-tanks the A39 has some of the thinnest armor, but it’s still thick enough to take almost anything the Germans could throw at it. Armed with a 94mm main gun this “tank” could take out all but the heaviest of enemy armor. However, it has one major disadvantage, it’s fixed gun has extremely limited traverse, and requires the vehicle itself rotate in order to aim the weapon. This leaves it extremely vulnerable to flanking attacks.

Testing would prove the A39 to be a reliable and accurate weapon, but all this would come too late for them to see any service in the war against the Nazis. The original order of 25 was reduced to six, and those were soon retired as there were no more enemy “super-tanks” to fight.

But what if the British had fielded such a beast on the fields of France? Now you can find out for yourself with your own A39 for Heroes of Normandie.


That is all.