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Monday, April 6, 2015

A German Convoy Approaches…

Today the German counterparts to last week’s US Prime Movers storm onto the battlefield. While this new set of unarmed vehicles is not quite as interesting as their US opposites. They are fewer points over all, so it’s easier to field them all in the same army.

Let’s begin with the most unique of these vehicles, the Schwimmwagen. This little amphibious car was designed by Porsche, and is based on the Type 82 Kubelwagen. While it’s not going to cross the Channel any time soon, it will cross a river fast enough to make it a worthwhile endeavor.


Next up is the Kubelwagen itself, also designed by Porsche, but its no sports car. This unforgiving little utilitarian vehicle, is like a US Jeep in its simplicity, but really lacks the off-road oomph of its American competition. Yet on good ground or roads this was a fine vehicle, with good reliability.


Next up the reason this isn’t called the “Porsche Pack.” The Krupp Protze. This Krupp creation was first used mostly for towing and servicing German artillery, but it would see service as a more general truppenwagen, as the war progressed.


Finally we have the Opel Blitz, the closet thing the Germans had to the US CCWK. This truck was larger, more efficient, and could carry more weight then the Protze. And compared to its US competition, is was just as capable in most situations. The CCWK did have the advantage of an additional axle, which improved its off-road performance in some situations. However, the Blitz lived up to its name with a top road speed of 80kph.


You can bring all these German vehicles to the fields of HoN with the PDF linked below.

German Prime Movers 2015 PDF

That is all.