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Friday, April 17, 2015

Dodge WC Pack

Today’s little Heroes expansion set is centered on the not so glamorous Dodge WC. While the DWC would see a lot of service in the form of the venerable DWC-54 Ambulance, in both WWII and Korea, the other Dodges were considered far less successful.

First up is the DWC-51, this early version of the WC would see service mostly in non-combat roles far from the actual fighting. While it was good at what it did, it was larger and less maneuverable then the Jeep and this made it a second choice for most soldiers. It was often used as a convoy command vehicle, which could find themselves under enemy fire from time to time.

DODGE WC-51 2015

Next up we have two version of the improved WC-56. Although the 56 was better then the 51 in every way, it was still almost a meter longer then the Jeep, and it’s unique silhouette made it difficult to camouflage. The 56’s were disliked for this reason, as the were felt to be easy targets. Despite this, a large number would see service throughout Europe, though most soldiers would prefer a Jeep.


DODGE WC-56 2015


DODGE WC-56 50 CAL 2015

This pack also includes an additional DWC-54 Ambulance, previously seen in my US Prime Movers Pack.

Find this all in print-and-play format in the PDF below.

Dodge WC Pack PDF

That is all.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

An English Bulldog

Today’s custom release for HoN is the British A39 Tortoise; a massive fixed casemate gun built to takedown Tigers.

A39 2015

Of all the war’s super-tanks the A39 has some of the thinnest armor, but it’s still thick enough to take almost anything the Germans could throw at it. Armed with a 94mm main gun this “tank” could take out all but the heaviest of enemy armor. However, it has one major disadvantage, it’s fixed gun has extremely limited traverse, and requires the vehicle itself rotate in order to aim the weapon. This leaves it extremely vulnerable to flanking attacks.

Testing would prove the A39 to be a reliable and accurate weapon, but all this would come too late for them to see any service in the war against the Nazis. The original order of 25 was reduced to six, and those were soon retired as there were no more enemy “super-tanks” to fight.

But what if the British had fielded such a beast on the fields of France? Now you can find out for yourself with your own A39 for Heroes of Normandie.


That is all.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

The Porsche Pack

While researching and compiling the German Prime Movers pack, I couldn’t help but be struck by the sheer number of vehicles and variants designed by Ferdinand Porsche. While today he’s best known for his iconic sports cars with the engines in the back. During the war he designed everything from Hitler’s People’s Car (Volkswagen) to the Panzer VII Maus. Large or small Dr. Porsche seemed innately skilled in vehicle design.

So, today here are five vehicles designed by Porsche, with three of them being never before seen in Heroes of Normandie.

The first two vehicles in the pack are the Kubelwagen and Schimmwagen, because you can never have too many of these.

The first new vehicle is the Type-67 Ambulance, based on the Kubelwagen chassis. It functions in game just like my previously released DWC Ambulance. Allowing units who spend a turn aboard it to “heal a wound.”


Next up is the Lieferwagen, another of the many variants of the Kubelwagen. By simply chopping the hull in half and adding a truck bed, the Germans were able to create an excellent little transporter.


Finally we have the Kommandeurwagen, a variant of the Kubelwagen and the Volkswagen. The KW uses the body of the Beetle on the frame of a 4x4 Kubelwagen. These vehicles were issued to important commanders in the field, as a status symbol.

VW type 87 2015

I hope everyone enjoys these little German cars. You can find all five in the PDF below.

The Porsche Pack PDF

That is all.

Monday, April 6, 2015

A German Convoy Approaches…

Today the German counterparts to last week’s US Prime Movers storm onto the battlefield. While this new set of unarmed vehicles is not quite as interesting as their US opposites. They are fewer points over all, so it’s easier to field them all in the same army.

Let’s begin with the most unique of these vehicles, the Schwimmwagen. This little amphibious car was designed by Porsche, and is based on the Type 82 Kubelwagen. While it’s not going to cross the Channel any time soon, it will cross a river fast enough to make it a worthwhile endeavor.


Next up is the Kubelwagen itself, also designed by Porsche, but its no sports car. This unforgiving little utilitarian vehicle, is like a US Jeep in its simplicity, but really lacks the off-road oomph of its American competition. Yet on good ground or roads this was a fine vehicle, with good reliability.


Next up the reason this isn’t called the “Porsche Pack.” The Krupp Protze. This Krupp creation was first used mostly for towing and servicing German artillery, but it would see service as a more general truppenwagen, as the war progressed.


Finally we have the Opel Blitz, the closet thing the Germans had to the US CCWK. This truck was larger, more efficient, and could carry more weight then the Protze. And compared to its US competition, is was just as capable in most situations. The CCWK did have the advantage of an additional axle, which improved its off-road performance in some situations. However, the Blitz lived up to its name with a top road speed of 80kph.


You can bring all these German vehicles to the fields of HoN with the PDF linked below.

German Prime Movers 2015 PDF

That is all.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Prime Movers for the Allies

Today I have a set of four great US work horses. While these unarmed hulks may not be the greatest combat vehicles, they were awesome at carrying troops and equipment to and from the battlefields of Europe.

First up in the pack is the Dodge WC-54C Ambulance, an Autonomous vehicle capable of providing treatment to the wounded with its medical transport ability. This ability works differently from Doc’s Medic ability, in that it allows you to remove a wound (return a unit to its front side up)from any unit that spends a turn being transported by the ambulance.

DWC-54 2015

Next is the weird little Ford GPA, an amphibious Jeep clone, that is a little slower then its landlocked cousin, but can cross any body of water. Its small size makes it the perfect transport for a scout unit or brave Hero looking to get into battle fast.


Then we have the US Army’s true work horse, the GMC CCWK 6x6. This 2 1/2 ton truck is affectionately known as the Duce-and-a-half, and its descendants still serve the Army today. Capable of transporting two full squads with relatively high speed, these were invaluable “weapons” in the war against the Germans.

GMC 6X6 2015

Finally we have the biggest beast of burden in the pack, the DUWK amphibious 6x6. This aquatic monster is basically the love child of a CCWK and a boat; slow on the water and not much faster on land these things saw limited service in Europe, but where they were used, they proved to be an effective means of getting troops and supplies across the water.

GMC DUWK 6X6 2015

Remember that even though these vehicles are unarmed, any troops inside them can receive orders, and therefor attack from within while riding around the battlefield.

Expand your HoN motor-pool with the PDF below. Comments welcome.

US Transport Pack 2015 PDF

This new PDF features my latest template, which has a “bleed” around the tokens. This will make it easier to prevent white edges on your print-and-play versions.

That is all.