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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Power and The Glory

Today it’s the Americans turn to demonstrate their penchant for unwieldy, oversized, near useless armored combat vehicles.

So today I give to you the T28, sometimes referred to as the “Tortoise.” (Not to be confused with the British A-39.)


This quad-tracked monster featured a 105mm main gun, and upwards of 140mm of front armor. Too wide and too heavy, to really be useful in a lot of situations. It was designed to combat German super-heavies from a distance, earning it the title of tank-destroyer. Later renamed the T95 Mobil Gun, five were ordered for the 3rd Armored Division, but the war ended before they would be needed.

Two full prototypes were built, and left to rot after the war came to a close. The First was scraped soon after in the 1947. The second was lost to time until it was rediscovered and restored in the 1970s (shown above).

T24 Version 2015

You can have your very own rumbling across the fields of HoN now with the PDF below.

T28 2015 PDF

That is all.