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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Status Updates

As the weather improves and I start to feel better, you should expect somewhat more frequent updates. I’ll be covering more DPG news and start posting text reviews soon (starting with Gazette #2). Videos will begin to follow later in the summer after my voice balances out a bit more. Below I’m posting the latest news from Devil Pig.

Shadows Over Normandie KS Update:

Hello all,

Unlike what you may have imagined, we did't go to the Bahamas. We worked very hard, and thankfully Clem can work most of a week now.

You may have already read on our website that we hired Sandy as Executive Assistant and Olivier as Illustrator. With their help, we are returning to a normal work rhythm.


In order to deliver the 1st kickstarter backers as early as possible, we will do 2 shipments.

Wave 1 (delivery : June 2015)

- Scenario packs Carentan, Pegasus Bridge, Sainte-Mère-Eglise

  • Status : in production at the manufacture

- Battleground Set

  • Status : in production at the manufacture

Wave 2 (delivery : September 2015)

- Shadows over Normandie

  • Scenario booklet : written
  • Rule book : written
  • Proofreading : in progress (with the help of the community)
  • Translation : as soon as the proofreading is finished
  • Scenario beta test : 50% finished
  • Terrain tiles : visuals finished, some details to do and verification
  • Tokens : finished
  • Punchboard layout : finished (published very soon) and verification (with the help of the community)

More info: