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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Panzer VII Löwe

Today I give you the what iffiest of what ifs. The Panzer VII Löwe. The Lowe was developed by Krupp to compete against Ferdinand Porsche's Maus. Ultimately the Maus won the Furher’s favor, despite the fact it was to be heavier and slower then the proposed Löwe. Sadly very little is left from the Löwe’s development, and aside from a few stats and some vague drawings not much is know about this wonder weapon.


The version I present to you HoN fans today, is based on the Schwerer Löwe concept. This 90 ton beast would have sacrificed some armor for more speed. Where the Maus would have nearly 200mm of frontal protection, the Löwe would have a paltry 140mm. The design called for top speed of 30 kph.

As for armament, the Löwe was drafted with several weapons in mind, but it was eventually to be fitted with the massive 150mm KwK 44 L/38, a truly awesome weapon. In order to save space and weight, this would be the only weapon. Leaving the Löwe vulnerable to infantry and other close range attacks.

Lowe 2015

While the Löwe never made it off the drawing-board, you can bring it to your game-board, and see how this monster fares.

Panzer Lowe PDF

That is all.