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Thursday, March 26, 2015

Gazette #2: A Review

Heroes of Normandie Gazette issue no. 2 recently arrived here at the blogger bunker and it’s one I’ve really been looking forward to: Hobart’s Funnies. For those of you who don’t know Major Hobart was a British armor vehicle genius whose ideas were often considered too “out there” for practical use. However, he would prove the usefulness of his designs on the Normandie beaches.

This issue of the Gazette included one punch board and scenarios for to demonstrate the utility of these unusual armored vehicles.


The punch-board includes three awesome vehicles the Sherman Crab, the Churchill ARK, and the Crocodile flamethrower tank. As well as Hobart himself, and various sundry equipment. As usual the art for the counters is excellent, and the new icons and rules are the usual HoN quality. I’m a personal fan of Hobart’s ability to climb into a tank and grant it a personal order, this has a lot of potential, and is a great new mechanic.


The Gazette itself is the usual fare with some nice articles and two scenarios, while I haven’t played through them yet they both look interesting and seem to have a nice balance. Some folks have complained that the scenarios require you to have more then just the base game, but I don’t feel this is a huge issue, as units all have point values and are easy to interchange. As for the terrain requirements those can be a bit harder. But the Gazette is aimed toward the hardcore fan who is likely a completionist, so I understand DPG’s expectation that subscribers would own the terrain expansion.

But if you don’t have the river set required for Scenario 1, I’d suggest just replacing those tiles with ones from the core set. While that will defiantly change the dynamic of the scenario it shouldn’t effect the balance too much. But you will miss out on the ARK’s bridging ability. So you may want to exchange that for a different 25 point unit.

Overall I’m really happy with the Gazettes so far and will be looking forward to each one in the future. As for this in particular it has to be my favorite add-on for HoN to this point, as I’ve always been a fan of Hobart’s Iron Circus.

Oh and the bonus poster by Alex Bonvalot was a great addition.


That is all.