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Friday, March 6, 2015

Captain America vs. The Red Skull

The most epic battle of WWII is about to begin, the absolute paragon of freedom, and the incarnation of evil are about to throw down on the battle fields of HoN.

The Skull is stronger but the Captain is tougher, and has his shield, who will win, and how much collateral damage will there be…

skull front Cap Ap 3

Despite the special faction symbols, the Skull can join any German army, but of course he’ll pair very nicely with some nasty SS units. The Captain can join any allied force, even the British, for some joint ops, he feels right at home in a Ranger battalion.

Sorry for the graphic differences but I didn’t want to remake the Captain with the newer template Clem sent me (it’s a lot of extra work, and I may when I have more time). The quality and sizes will be the same on the PDFs, but the Skull will have the rounded corners. You’ll have to round the Captain’s corners yourself.

Captain America Updated PDF

Red Skull PDF

Comments welcome, and these will be updated at least once.

That is all.

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