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Monday, March 30, 2015

Building an Army (literally)

Today, we’ll be looking at turning those PDF files I keep posting into playable game pieces for Heroes of Normandie.

Some notes first:

1: These are not hard and fast rules, if you have a method that works better for you, use it.

2: Given the lower resolution of both the PDFs and most commercial printers, you shouldn't expect these to look as good as actual HoN counters, no mater how precise you cut them.

3: I’m still experimenting with corners, so the corner cuts in these images may not be the same ones you’ve seen before or again.

Ok now that that’s out of the way, let’s get started.

First, equipment, and materials.


I use a Purple Cows combo cutter, with rotary blade and guillotine. A Fiskar’s 3 way Corner Rounder, some good scissors, and craft calipers to check sizing for the standard HoN counters.

Materials: I use Avery Full Sheet Labels, and Crescent Cold Press Illustration board, which is exactly half the thickness of an HoN counter.

Step One: Print. Today it’s a Flakmaus!


I use a huge Epson monster, but any color Inkjet or Laser will work. Print the PDF on the Avery label sheets, with all sizing options off. (no zoom, fit to page, etc.)

Step Two: Rough cut the stickers.


Cut the stickers out, leaving some white around all sides.

Step Three: Stick the stickers.


Place the labels on the board and cut them out, I had scrap pieces that were the sizes I needed, so that saved some time. Be sure to place the stickers on the unmarked side of the board, as the “Crescent” logo may show through. Note: the fronts and backs are on their own separate pieces of board. They’ll be glued together in the last step.

Step Four: Trimming to size.


Using the guillotine blade on the combo cutter, I trim down the counter to a rectangle.

Step Five: Corner cutting.


Use the corner rounder to trim all the corners. You have three different options for corners, I was trying out a different one then normal. But you can see the standard HoN corner profile is the one marked with an X. Note: the Fiskar is not the most precise tool, but it’s the one I have, and I can’t comment on other brands. Just pay close attention as you use it.

Step Six: Repeat, over and over.


Once all the components are cut out and all the corners rounded, now it’s time to glue. Note: a lot of folks ask how I cut the holes in the recruitment templates. Truth is I don’t.

Final Step: Gluing.


I use Scotch Permanent Glue Stick, easy to use and low mess, but you can use what ever paper glue you like to glue the fronts to the backs.

And your done, you’ve got your very own HoN custom.


Any questions, feel free to ask.

That is all.