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Thursday, March 26, 2015

A German Sports Tank?

If you’re a German car fan, and I told you that Porsche and Maybach were collaborating on a new sports car, you’d be pretty excited. Just like the Nazi tank commanders were in 1943 when the new Tiger II (or King Tiger as the Allies called it) began to roll of the assembly lines.

King Tiger

Sadly just as we won’t be getting a Maybach powered Porsche anytime soon neither were the Germans then. The so called Porsche turret Tigers were actually built by Krupp, that’s right the coffee people, Krupp. Yet the name stuck and to this day most books and reference materials refer to this mighty beast as the Porsche Turret King Tiger.

Of course King Tiger is a misnomer in and of itself. In German the Tiger II was informally called the Königstiger. In German Königstiger is the German name for the Bengal Tiger, and while it literally translates to King Tiger. That’s not really what it means.

Although it didn’t have the body of a fine German sports car, it did have a 700 horse power Maybach gas engine, giving it a top speed of nearly 50 KPH. And a power to weight ratio of 9 BHP per tonne.

Armed with 8.8cm KwK 43 L/71 this tank could blast a hole through all but the heaviest Allied armor. Making it one of the greatest threats the Allies would face on the fields of Europe. Thankfully for the Allies the Germans would never produce more then 492 of these beasts.

Interestingly there were a number of upgrades proposed for the Tiger II, including a 900 BHP engine upgrade and a new 10.5cm main gun, but these would not see production.

You can bring the King of tanks to the battlefields of Heroes of Normandie, with the PDF below.

King Tiger Porsche Turret PDF

That is all.