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Thursday, February 26, 2015

V1 Add-on for HoN

If you follow me on Google+ you’ll know that for the last week I’ve been working on a V1 add-on for Heroes of Normandie, and I think I have it at a point were it could be playable. So to the end of getting it out the and letting folks give it a try. Here are two PDF files:

The first includes the V1s and the Crew, etc.

V1 Punch Draft PDF

The second is the rails front and back.

Rails Punch PDF

Also I have printed them out on paper to get a look at how the work on the board you can see they below, with some of the bunkers from the D-Day Expansion.


Now rules suggestions, but feel free to try creating your own, and seeing how the work. You may come up with something better.

On a board 3x3 tiles layout the Germans a large bunker near their edge of the map. Place your two launch rails within three spaces of the large bunker’s exit. The V1 Crews will begin the game in the large bunker and the V1s will begin on the launch rails as pictured above. To finish setup flesh out the German army to around 200 points, and use a similarly sized Allied force.

Now for the Germans to win the V1 crews must move out of their bunker to a space adjacent a V1 and spend an order to place an Activated token on the V1. On the next turn a V1 with a token can receive an order like any other unit. When it executes this order it launches and is removed from the board.

If the German player launches both V1s he wins. If the launch only one then the game is a tie, or can be decided by points.

If the Allies kill, both V1 crews or destroy both V1 rockets then they win.

Give it a try, and please let me know what you think.