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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Captain America

I’m having surgery this week so I may not post much after today. So I wanted to get this posted, even though it’s not 100% done.

Enter Captain America… I mentioned that I was planning a few superhero add-ons for HoN, and this one was first. He’s probably overpowered for the point cost, but he was drawn up originally last year well before I had much play experience.

You can get the PDF here: HoN Captain America PDF

Captian America Rec Front

Art by Alex Santaló

Special Rules for Cap Ap’s Shield

Captain America is equipped with a shield that uses
a special “blast pattern.” Instead of firing the player may choose to have Captain America throw his Shield. After declaring that you are using the shield place the blast pattern on the center of the space occupied by the Captain America, and point it in the direction of your choice. All units covered even partially by the blast pattern are affected by the shield.

The shield’s blast pattern is blocked by obstacles that block Line of Sight. It is also blocked as soon as it passes through the center of a space occupied by a vehicle.

Any infantry unit under the blast pattern, automatically receives a Two Suppressed markers, no die roll is necessary. Vehicles cannot be affected.

In order to throw the Shield into a building, Captain America must be in one of the spaces adjacent to an opening indicated by the red bands, and pointed at by arrows. All units in the building are affected by the Shield.

That is all.