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Sunday, June 1, 2014

A Maus that Roars…

I recently posted the T28 draft which showed off a huge American tank that never really saw action, but does make for great what if scenarios. Today I bring you the German’s idea of a super tank the Flak Maus 88mm Zwiling. A monster tank that never actually existed. While the Russians captured two Maus tanks in various states of competition. A Flak Maus was never build, and may have been completely apocryphal. But man did it sound cool, and so I bring it to you to fight the imaginary battles the the Nazi engineers could only dream of.

Flak Maus  Flak Maus Blown

Recurit Flak Maus

The Maus was an impressive vehicle with over 400mm of armor at its thickest point, making a frontal assault nearly impossible, but certainly suicidal. The imagined Flak Maus variant featured two 88mm cannon each capable of providing as much firepower as a single Tiger I tank. The Maus did have it’s flaws though, with light rear armor, an underpowered engine, and a extremely limited turret rotation. The Maus was very vulnerable to a rear attack.

One final draw back of the design was the lack of any machine gun to provide anti-personnel fire support. Instead the Flak Maus featured a 50mm coaxial cannon similar to a Pak 38. This was to allow it to engage smaller targets without having to expend the more costly 88mm ammunition. Compared to the actual Maus with its 128 and 75 millimeter guns the Flak Maus actually feels under-gunned, which is likely why one was never built.

A PDF version will be available for download in the near future.

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