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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Just what is Heroes of Normandie?


Heroes of Normandie (HoN) is a tactical scale (1:100 approx.) military combat simulation board game. While historically based in the battles and conflict of World War Two, HoN keeps one foot firmly in the realm of Hollywood and the great WWII movies of the ‘60s and ‘70s. Great movies like “Kelly’s Heroes” and “A Bridge Too Far,” these sources of inspiration bring a sense of action and pantomime to HoN; not often found in games firmly plated in a world where Nazi Germany and Hitler are just as we learn in the history books.


Yann and Clem the designers have made great game blending the real world units and equipment of WWII, with the larger than life characters of Hollywood action movies. Even without the use of miniatures. HoN uses solely cardboard components and yet has more character and beauty than games costing many times more and featuring massive amounts of plastic. Although many might find the lack of minis a minus, they should consider the not only the cost savings but the space savings and ease of transport as well. And don’t forget that every unit has just about everything you need to know about it printed right on it.


Quick combat, easy to remember rules, and imposable to forget characters, HoN has everything you need in a war-game. But if your taste is for more general “realistic” combat action, you can always leave the more Hollywood elements in the box. HoN has a huge range of customization options that allows for a wide range of play styles. Making HoN a World War Two game for just about any gamer, historical or Hollywood.


To learn more drop by Yann and Clem’s Devil Pig Games:

Look forward to more HoN fans, we’re just getting started.